23rd HALF MARATHON of NOVI SAD 3. april 2016. 10 o’clock


2. – 3. april 2016.

Relay half marathon (T1 2387m, T2 4750m, T3 3590m, T4 4750m, T5 3590m i T6 2027m)

Small marathon 10,5 km


Novi Sad has around 400.000 inhabitants, which makes it the second largest city in Serbia and it's also known as the University center of Vojvodina, region in the north part of Serbia. It is important to mention that the distance from Belgrades airport Nikola Tesla is around 70km and that Novi Sad is located on the highway Budapest - Belgrade (E75), just 294 km from Budapest. The distance from Palmanova is 647km, from  Ljubljana is 515 km and from Vienna is 530 km. Throughout the year, two major races are happening in Novi Sad: Novi Sad Half Marathon (on 29th March 2015) and Novi Sad Marathon (in October), both including more than one thousand participants. The start and the finish line of both races are in the City center, in front of the City Hall. The running track is completely flat and goes through the old part of the city next to the Orthodox Church up to the river Danube, historically well known Pertovaradin Fortress (from 1692), through the University center and through some of the new parts of town. Novi Sad is well known for quality wine and very tasty food, as well as for affordable prices for accommodation in pretty nice hotels and very bargain restaurants. Across the Danube River is Fruska Gora, wonderful hill well known by nature beauty and also by famous vineyards and very old monasteries. The runners who decide to run the Novi Sad Half Marathon, will be able to experience the hospitality of the people and to have an interesting race. City is peaceful and calm with a slow way of life, because of which your stay in Novi Sad will be a very pleasant sports holiday.


The running track of Novi Sad Half Marathon race is flat, fast and it goes by some of the greatest parts of the city, pass the river Danube and the historical Petrovaradin Fortress. The rase is consisted of one promotional lap (3600m) and two laps (8700m). Relay can be made out of 3 to 6 athletes (T1 2387m, T2 4750m, T3 3590m, T4 4750m, T5 3590m i T6 2027m). All events are recreational character.


Start and Finish: 3rd of April 2016. at 10 h from the city centers square.

Route: 1 small promotional lap and 2 bigger laps. Completely flat (+/- 2 m), without trafic and goes through the urban part of the city and by the shore of Danube. The route has the AIMS cerrtificate. Refreshment is set at every 3-4 km.


Time limit: 2,5 hours.  Age limit: 18 years (born 3/4/1998 and before). Athletes younger than 18 years must submit a certificate of medical examination saying that they are able to compete, an agreement between the coach and the parents and the parents consent.

Registration: www.marathon.org.rs ,  E-mail: marathоn@sbb.rs  or before the race on April 2nd from 17h tо 20 h or on April 3rd from 8h to 9,30h at Hоtel Vоjvоdina's Hunting Hall (entrance from the hotels courtyard)

Entry fee:


Instructions for payment:

from 1.1. to 31. 1 2016.          from 1.2. to 27. 3. 2016.         from 28.3. to 3. 4 2016.

                                       18 €                                  20 €                      25 €



Bank charges are paid by athletes


Cont IBAN Lei: IBAN: RS35340000000000373962

Novosadski maraton,  Novi Sad, Trg republike 13 Srbija


PACKAGE CONTAINS for the Half Marathon  (21,097 km / 10,548/ 4,556 km)

  • Before the race:  • Pasta party the night before the race , • Ensuring competitors • Competitors number, • The timing chip, • A bag, • Official customized T-shirt;


  • During the race: • Wardrobe, • Refreshments: water and fruits at the refreshment stations along the route, • Refreshments at the finish, • Toilets, • Medical care, • Car with the stop light, • The trail is closed to traffic


  • After the race: (for participants who finish the race) • Medals, • Package from the sponsors, • Massage, • Photos on the Web www.marathon.org.rs, • Video of start on the Web www.marathon.org.rs, • Video of the finish on the Web www.marathon .org.rs,


  • Gala dinner with drinks and music after the race

Picking up the numbers on April 2nd (Saturday) 17h to 20 h and April 3rd (Sunday) before the start, from 8h to 10.30h at Hotel Vojvodina's Hunting Hall (entrance from the courtyard of the hotel).


On saturday April 2nd 2016.

from 9 tо 14h  A trip, if a group of more than 10 people is formed. Visiting the Krušedol and Grgetek monasteries with a modest lunch. And also a visits to Sremski Karlovci and their Museum of honey and wines with tasting at the price of 5 €

from 17 tо 20 h PICKING UP THE NUMBERS at hotel Vojvodina (Hunting hall)

from 19 tо 21 h Koncert u centru grada Trg slobode

at 19h Pasta party


On sunday April 3rd2016.

from 8 – 9,30 h PICKING UP THE NUMBERS at hotel Vojvodina (Hunting hall)

Start from the square of Liberty at:

10,00 h 23rd Novi Sad's Half Marathon (21,097 km)

10,01 h Relay half marathon

10,02 h EKО recreational – walk of the citizens (4556,34 m)

10,05 h            Run-walk of high school students (1500 m)

10,10 h            Run-walk of children from 5th till 8th grade (1000m)

10,15 h            Run-walk of children from 1st til 4th grade (400m)

10,20 h            Little ones walking (200m)

10,30 h            BABIES crawling race  (4,195m)

10,45 h            Recreational runing - Small marathon(10,548 km) limit (1 hour and 45 minutes)

12,30 h            Closing manifestation

16,00 h            Joint lunch


Categories for the half marathon, relay and small marathon:

diplomats, the military and police, students, high school students and age category by 5 years

Luggage is provided, as well as the transport of athletes running relay to their place for change

Note: All events are recreational character, running and the walk of citizens is not competitive and each participant should cross the path according to his personal abilities, without any consequences for his health.

If someone has a health problem, he/she should not participate in any of these races or walks, without the consent of a doctor.

For more details Facebook address http://www.facebook.com/novisad.marathon