23 th Novi Sad Marathon 11 October 2015

23 th Novi Sad Marathon

11 October 2015

42,195 km / 33 km / 25 km / 10,548 km / 4,556 km

Relay Race Marathon (2.438m, 4770 m, 6249m, 6249 m, 3610 m, 4770m, 3610 m, 4770m, 3.610m, 2.118m)


Come to run along a straight track beside the beautiful blue Danube and centuries-old fortress. Come to spend an unforgettable sporting weekend in beautiful Novi Sad with fine wines from vineyards of Fruška gora and well-known specialties of Vojvodina cuisine at very reasonable prices

STARTING AND FINISHING POINT:  11 October 2015 at 10 o’clock from the centre of Novi Sad town, the Square of Liberty.

TRACK: 1grand rounds 2 middle rounds. Completely flat (+/- 2 m), without traffic it runs through the urban part of the town, along the Danube bank. The track has AIMS certificate. Refreshment stands at each 3-4 km

DURATION:  5 hours and for RUNNING FUN (10,548): 2 hours.

AGE LIMIT18 years old (born on 12/october/1996 and before). For those ones younger than 18, medical examination and parental and coach’ s permission required

REGISTRATIONwww.marathon.org.rs  , E-mail:marathon@sbb.rs  

REGISTRATION AND ENTRY FEE(25 €) RELAY ENTRY FEE: per participant (25 €)

. Entry fee € 25 (start number, t-shirt, medal, pasta party, dinner and drink with the music after the race).


           SWIFT CODE: GIBARS22

            IBAN: RS35340000000000373962

               Novosadski maraton

                 Novi Sad, Trg republike 13



  • 10 October (Saturday) from 17.00 to 20.00 small hall in the Vojvodina Hotel (town centre)
  • 11 October (Sunday) from 7.00 to 9.00 small hall of the Vojvodina Hotel  next to the starting point

PASTA PARTY11 October from 19.00 to 21.00 the Vojvodina Hotel

PROCLAMATION OF THE BEST:  11 October at 14.00

PRIZESParticipant’s medal and a gift parcel by the sponsor will be awarded to all finishers in the finishing area, whereas a plaque will be awarded to the first three relays in all competitions.



RELAY RACES OR SECONDARY SCHOOL RELAY RACES all relay runners are secondary school pupils from the same school of the age 15-18, relay race consists of 5 relay runners with at least 2 girls (except secondary school relay race of the centre for training of military and police staff), teacher (coach) who organises and heads the relay race, each competitor must have medical examination certificate, teacher’s (coach’s) and parental permission.

OUTFITprovided, relay runners will take the stuff of the competitor from whom they take over the baton (medal) at the exchange point

Additional information

The starting and finishing point of the relay marathon race is in the centre of Novi Sad, the Square of Liberty. The relay and -marathon race will take place at the same time, and it is run through the streets of the Novi Sad town. The wooden medal with the sign of Novi Sad marathon is the replacement for the relay baton and it is worn round the neck. The exchanges may be made only at three specified points where referees are present. At the exchange point number 1 (Liman 1) the baton (medal) will be taken over by the competitors 2 and 4. At the exchange point number 2 (the Home of the Army of Serbia the baton (medal) will be taken over by the competitors 3 and 5.

Transport of competitors to the exchange point is provided. City buses will be visibly marked with numbers 1 and 2. The buses depart from the town centre at 10.30. After having made all the exchanges the buses return to the town centre.

NOTE: The relay runners are required to bring the stuff of the competitors from whom they take over the baton (medal) so that the relay runner can change.