Description of the tracks

Relay Race Proposition

Runner Distance in meters Place of departure of Change runner Transport

1 2388 Start – Army Hall

2 4750 Army Hall - Liman 4 1 Bus Number

3 3591 Liman 4 - Army Hall 2 Bus Number

4 4750 Army Hall - Liman 4 1 Bus Number

5 3591 Liman 4 - Army Hall 2 Bus Number

6 2027 Army Hall - Finish 1 Bus Number


Dom Vojske =Army Hall at Beogradski kej = Belgrade quay


RELAY race: all members of the relay are students of the same organization, club or similar.

The relay consists of 3 to 6 competitors.

HIGH SCHOOL RELAYS: all members of the relay team are students from the same high school between the ages of 15 and 18 years, the relay consists of 6 competitors with at least 2 girls (except high school relay centers for the training of military and police personnel), teacher (coach) who organizes and leads the relay, each a competitor must have a medical examination, the consent of the teacher (trainer) and parents.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The start and finish of the marathon relay race in the center of Novi Sad, Freedom Square (Trg slobode) in the city center. Relay race and half maraton race are happening in the same time. Wooden medal with a mark of Novi Sad marathon replaces the baton and is worn around the neck. Changes can only be made on three specific places in the presence of a judge. On-site changes Army Hall (number 1) relay team (medal) will take 2. 4. And 6. shift. On-site changes Liman 4 (No. 2) baton (medal) will take over the 3rd and 5th amendments

TRANSPORT OF RUNNERS  to the place for changes, the number of 1 - Army Hall (2 changes, 4 and 6), the number of 2- LIMAN 4 (between 3 and 5) is organized, the buses are clearly marked.

The bus departs from the center, of 100 m from the start, at 9:30 am. After completing all the changes bus returning to the city center. Given the fact that change No. 3 is located 800 m from the start the competitors themselves can come to the change place.

NOTE The members of a relay team to bring the city to relay changes things from competitors by taking over the baton (medal) to be a member of a relay team may change.

  • Do not leave bags or any other things in buses.